Crypto ATMs: for instant access

Buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash with our
innovative Crypto ATMs, available throughout Switzerland.


Starting from CHF 50

A straightforward way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

100% Secure

Värdex ATMs guarantee maximum security for all transactions.

Accepted Currencies

Purchase crypto using CHF or EUR. For withdrawals, CHF only.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Choose between  BTC, ETH, LTC and BCH.

Without Registration

No KYC registration required for amounts below CHF 1’000.

Regulated ATMs

Värdex is regulated as a financial intermediary by VQF.

365 days / year

Stable and smooth network operations 365 days per year.

Swiss Operator

Headquartered in Zug, the “Crypto Valley” of Switzerland.

Easy to get started

Exchange your Swiss Francs and Euro into crypto easy and fast.

Instant Crypto

Our ATMs give you instant access to your cryptocurrencies with real-time rates.

Customer Support

Our customer support team is always happy to help for whatever questions or issues you may have.

Find a crypto ATM

Whenever you need to buy or sell cryptocurrencies, our ATMs are at your service. Locate your nearest Crypto ATM in Switzerland or Liechtenstein to check it out.
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How it works

We have designed our ATMs to be as intuitive as possible, but here’s a quick guide to get started.
Select “BUY” on the ATM and the cryptocurrency of your choice. Then select the currency (CHF/EUR) that you wish to pay with.
The ATM will now print out a paper wallet with your public and private keys for the transaction. When finished printing, insert your banknotes (CHF, EUR) into the terminal and then simply confirm the transaction.
Important: only insert your banknotes into the terminal once the paper wallet has been successfully printed out. Always keep your private key safe and never share your wallet information with a third party.
You’re done! A receipt of your transaction will be printed out. Please keep this receipt safe together with your paper wallet to make sure you have a proof of your transaction.
Select “SELL” on the terminal and choose the CHF amount that you wish to withdraw from the ATM. Sell transactions are only available for Bitcoins and are distributed in banknotes of CHF 100.
The terminal will print out a “Redeem Ticket” with Värdex’s public wallet address, including necessary instructions. Thereafter, send the equivalent Bitcoin amount from your private crypto wallet to Värdex’s public address and make sure to complete your transfer within the displayed time limit.
Important: do not send Bitcoins from an exchange wallet (Binance, Kraken, Coinbase etc.) for a SELL transaction. These platforms often take longer to transfer funds, which can exceed the displayed time limit on the terminal and therefore cancel the transaction. Please only use private crypto wallets!
Our system will wait for the blockchain confirmation of your BTC transfer, this usually takes 15 - 60 minutes depending on current network speed. Once our system receives the block confirmation, the ATM will prepare your requested cash withdrawal.
If you enter your mobile phone number, we will send you an SMS notification as soon as your BTC transfer has been processed successfully.
After successfully completing the sell process, you can withdraw your cash from any of our Värdex ATMs. To proceed, select “Redeem Ticket” on the terminal.
Hold the QR of your printed “Redeem Ticket” to the QR scanner and initiate the cash withdrawal.
In rare cases, our ATMs can distribute incorrect cash amounts due to technical issues. But don’t worry, just get in touch with our customer support and we will quickly sort that out.
Your withdrawal transaction is completed, a confirmation receipt can be printed out for you if needed.

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Good to know

What are the involved fees and commissions?

The ATM exchange rate includes a commission depending on current market conditions and market liquidity. The exchange rate is displayed during the exchange process and is subject to substantial market fluctuations.

Why are transaction fees sometimes higher for ATMs than online services?

We are aware that our fees may be slightly higher than other service providers. We put in great effort and considerable investments to ensure a sustainable, advanced and highly secure ATM network for our customers. We therefore have higher costs in terms of maintenance, operations, security and compliance, which sometimes result in higher ATM fees compared to online service providers.

What is the daily limit for ATM transactions?

The daily limit amount is CHF 1’000 per customer. For larger amounts, please contact our customer support at

Which currencies does the ATM currently accept?

Our ATMs accept Swiss Francs (CHF) and Euros (EUR) to purchase Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC). You also have the possibility of exchanging Bitcoins (BTC) into Swiss Francs (CHF) through our ATMs.

Can I follow the status of an ATM near me?

You can always look up the status of our ATM network and backend systems at