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Get Premium.

For free.

Unlock the unique benefits of our ATM Network services and complete the registration and video ident in less than 10 minutes. No costs.

Why go Premium?

CHF 50.000 Exchange Limit / day
Best Execution
No Blockchain Fees
Special Promotions

Compare our offering

Discover instant, easy-access crypto exchange as standard or registered Premium customer. Benefit from our ATM Premium features by completing our free and one-time customer KYC registration and identification process.

No Registration

Exchange Limit: 1.000 CHF / day
Transaction Fees: 1.00 CHF / Transaction
Standard Customer Support
Best Execution
One-time Registration*
Exchange Limit: 50.000 CHF / day
No Blockchain Fees
Premium Customer Support
Best Execution
*Requires one-time KYC registration incl. video identification. ID or Passport required.

How to become a registered ATM Premium customer?

Up to 50.000 CHF exchange limit per day

1. Online Registration

Create your Premium account by completing our customer registration process.

2. Video Identification

Perform a one-time KYC and online video identification via our partner IDnow.

3. Account Approval

Recieve your Premium access code via SMS or email as soon as your account is approved by our compliance team.

4. Welcome Premium

Identify yourself with the Premium SMS code at our ATMs and enjoy our exciting premium features.

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